Welcome to Genevieve Esthetics

Thank you for stopping by! Independently owned and operated, my Esthetics Center & Boutique strives to offer you the best in integrative and holistic esthetics.

Not everyone wants to undergo surgery or energy-radiating treatments in the sake of beauty. That is why I offer an array of safe & healthy alternative treatments that assists and enhances your skin & body’s ability to produce the same great results, while providing the advantages of:

NO unnecessary damage or inflammation;

NO considerable risks or restrictions;

And best of all – NO downtime.


Genevieve Albert, B.A., Founder

Licensed (Integrative & Holistic) Esthetician / Licensed Esthetics Instructor Level 2

I am an extremely passionate, efficient and thorough esthetician with a life-long love of beauty and a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill sets and dedication. I combine more than a decade of experience as an esthetician in various fields of the industry.

Having completed several certification programs over the years has raised my awareness, elevated my standards and made me exceptionally particular about the products I use and the services I offer.

I strive to provide trusted, high-performance solutions while following the integrative & holistic approach. I believe in progressive results that respect the integrity of the skin & body. Let me help you enhance your natural beauty without drastic measures. Learn more about my unique journey here.


My Promise To You:

To stay CURRENT in the field

The esthetics field is constantly evolving, that is why it is my responsibility to stay current in the latest trends and breakthroughs while being able to apply my professional judgement on the viability of new and/or reinvented treatments & products.

To follow the INTEGRATIVE approach

The integrative approach is a branch of esthetics strongly influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophies. It is a combination of conventional, modern and alternative philosophies to facilitate the body’s own restorative and healthy-aging response. Treatment & products will always be crafted or chosen with this in mind.

To offer a PERSONALized experience

Beauty is personal, and so should be your beauty treatments. There’s a lot of aspects that I take in consideration when selecting product lines & equipment for the Center. One of the main aspects that I always look for is, in fact, the ability to be personalized to the needs of the clients at different levels in order to bring you the best experience & results.