Lash Lift 101

Lash Lift 101

Lash lifts are the new rage for natural-looking, lifted lashes. A lash lift uses silicone rods or pads to lift lashes and set them in place, as opposed to old-fashioned lash perms that use round, stiff rods. It typically consists of two to three steps, where the lash is softened and then set in place following the curl of the rod. A lash tint is then used to darken and add some length. It comes handy when you just want to be out the door to run errands on the weekend or if you like a very natural everyday look with little to no effort.

I have been offering lash lifts since October 2015 and I did notice these past few months that the trend is becoming more and more popular in the area. Before you consider a lash lift, below is my advice as a Licensed Esthetician and a Certified Lash Professional.

Who is a lash lift for?

If you are the type to wear a thin coat of mascara everyday and want to be able to skip that step, a lash lift is for you. If you are the type to curl your lashes for 10 minutes everyday and like to wear a ton of mascara but welcome the idea of saving time each morning, it’s for you too. If you wear mascara during the week, but like to be an effortless beauty during the weekend, guess what – lash lifts are for you as well! On the other hand, if you like a full, voluminous look it might not be the best service for you. Lash lifts are for women who are looking to naturally enhance their lashes and are looking for a low-maintenance option.

A lash lift does NOT make the lash physically longer

A lash lift does not make the lash longer than what it already is. It does makes the lash “visually” longer by doing two things: first, it will permanently lift your own lashes up, making them more visible and second, it will darken the transparent tips of you lashes, making them appear longer. If you have short lashes, it will not make much of a difference and I usually recommend the use of a lash serum for 2 months prior to trying the service.

It is NOT an alternative to lash extensions

Yes, you read this right. First and foremost, I do not want you to walk into a spa or salon and expect to get the same look as lash extensions. Lash lift works with your natural lashes, so sometimes it does not even come to anything close to the look of lash extensions. If you are a bit tired of going in for lash extension “fills” and want to get a more natural look, then yes it’s an option to consider. But if you love the look of eyelash extensions and think a lash lift is a great alternative, stay with extensions as a lash lift will not give you the fullness, length and volume that extensions give you.

It is NOT for every type of lashes

A lash lift is ideal for medium-to-long lashes and ladies with light lashes will see the most difference because of the tint. If you have short lashes, it might not make a whole lot of difference. I was able to make it work for shorter lashes in the past, but I did also turn down clients because of that reason. Again, I recommend to use a lash serum daily for two months and then your lashes may be lifting material.

DON’T wait three months between appointments

If it’s of good quality, the lift will last for as long as your natural lash stays on your lash line. A lash life cycle is approximately three months, it means that your whole lash line is completely renewed every three months. It also means that any lash lift will last three months, but it doesn’t mean it will look good for the whole time. Usually, you will start noticing patches of straight lashes around two months, as the lashes get replaced with new ones. This is why I recommend a lash lift every two months even if it does last three months (and more).

DO get an oil-free, nourishing mascara

It takes approximately 24 hours for the curl to set in place so it is important to avoid oils during this time as it could soften the curl. The best mascaras would be the ones that are designed for eyelash extensions as they are also excellent everyday mascaras. It would be a great idea to check for one that has keratin, peptides and/or b vitamins too, as an added nourishment.

DO ask how long it takes

Some brands of lash lift will take longer to set than others, so it’s important to ask how long the appointment will take as the set times vary greatly (it can be anywhere between 15 min. to an hour). The reason is that some lash lifts have some extra nourishing steps at the end. At Genevieve Esthetics, we offer two kinds of lash lifts to accommodate all of our client’s lashes needs: the Lash Lift, which includes a nourishing step for all types of lashes, and the Lash Lift Plus, which includes two nourishing steps for thin, dry, brittle and/or damaged lashes! All lash lifts also include an 11-colour, customizable lash tint!

DO use a lash serum

I can’t say it enough, using a lash serum is like having an extra treatment added to the lifting steps. It will give you longer, thicker, darker lashes. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which make up the lash and brow hair fibers.

Make sure you choose a lash serum that contains a high concentration of amino acid-rich peptides and also an advanced delivery system such as “liposomes”, which increase absorption by approx. 600%. Also, make sure that it is free of prostaglandins, which have known effects such as darkening of the color of the iris, swollen retina and blurry vision, brown pigmentation around the eyes, redness in the eyes, itchy lids and general irritation. The prescription-level prostaglandin is called Bimatoprost, and examples of prostaglandin-derived ingredients are: Isopropyl Cloprostenate, Dechloro Dehydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide, Methylamido Dihydro Noralfaprostal.

Hopefully you have learned lots reading my post! To book a lash lift with me now, head over to the online booking system by clicking here.

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