Why I choose Osmosis Skincare, Colour and Wellness

Why I choose Osmosis Skincare, Colour and Wellness

Not a lot of people know this, but the line that I carry for facials, Osmosis Skincare/Colour/Wellness, has a special meaning in terms of why I carry it at the Beauty Therapy Center. What some of you may know, and I don’t mention this as often as I should, is that for every single service I offer and every single product I sell, there is a tremendous amount of research being done to make sure it aligns with my values. With that being said, Osmosis is not just a line I picked out of the blue. I didn’t hear of it because someone recommended it to me or because it would be easy to sell, I found it through my own research back in 2010. At the time, I was looking for a super-effective line as I was a bit fed up and overwhelmed with all the buzz ingredients. I also wasn’t really feeling inspired anymore from working with 10+ lines the previous couple of years. I started Googling “professional line with retinaldehyde and liposomes” (I will explain those two terms later on in this post). Working in the medical-level skincare field as a rep and educator at the time, I had the opportunity to study ingredients a lot and those were the two must-haves in terms of effectiveness in skincare.

Osmosis philosphy Esthetician Moncton
An overview of the Osmosis philosophy

When I found Osmosis, I was surprised to see that although it was medical-grade products, it didn’t follow the medical philosophy. In fact, it was going kind of against it, following a philosophy called “Holistic Skincare”. This made me really curious, so I bought a book written by the formulator of Osmosis, Dr.Ben Johnson, called Transform Your Skin, Naturally and started researching on that Holistic “thing”. After reading the book and doing a lot of research, everything started to make total sense. I was hooked and ordered all the products. It healed my scalp psoriasis and my atopic dermatitis so I could get off steroid creams. It also reduced the inflammation and redness in my face and would reduce my risk of developing rosacea, something that I was really starting to get worried about as it is predominant in my family history.

Fast forward 7 years and I am still in love with the brand. I had the opportunity to attend multiple advanced trainings and get certifications as a product expert. It enables me to help people heal their skin from the inside out everyday. I am the type who gets bored very easily with product lines but this one does a great job keeping me on my toes with tons of customizing and mixing options for facials and of course new products, new research and new ingredients all the time. It delivers Every. Single. Time. Sometimes it takes a little time but that’s what Holistic Skincare is all about. It’s crazy to think that this line has been with me for 70% of my career as a Professional Licensed Esthetician! Here’s a few more reasons why I think this line is so wonderful:

Naturally-Sourced Ingredients That Your Skin Recognizes

Yes, it is very important to use natural ingredients. However, what we often forget is not all natural ingredients are good for the skin and using the full, raw ingredient is not always the best idea either. That is why every natural extract used in Osmosis, from Goji berry extract to scalar waves to vitamin A, is used in a form that your skin and body recognizes and will be able to use with little to no effort. There is then more energy for everyday activities like healing and fighting free radicals.

Results with Osmosis Skincare Esthetician Moncton
Results after 4 months using Clear, Correct Vitamin A serum and Replenish and receiving 1 Facial Infusion treatment per month. *picture provided by Osmosis*

Best Form of Vitamin A

Let’s go back to the research that I did back in 2010 about Retinaldehyde. Vitamin A’s, or Retinoids, are present in all living organisms and have been used and proven to improve the skin and to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. You might be familiar with Retinol, the cosmetic form of Vitamin A, or even Retinoic acid, the prescription-grade form. Retinaldehyde is actually right in the middle of those two popular forms. Research has repeatedly shown that topical Retinaldehyde has a similar activity profile to the prescription-level form of vitamin A, with much less irritation to the skin. In fact, treating the skin with retinaldehyde could produce therapeutic levels of retinoic acid while reducing the risk of side effects associated with the prescription form. As an added bonus, Osmosis uses a stabilized form of retinaldehyde that does not lose its properties when applied. Moreover, it is at the right concentration (between 0.05% and 0.1%) AND has a superior delivery system that I will discuss below.

Superior Delivery System

Every cell in our body has a membrane that decides what enters it and comes out of it. In order to be effective and create changes in the skin, the ingredients in your skincare products have to pass that membrane in your skin cells. To do so, they need a delivery system. My favourite is by far the liposome, as it has been proven to be the most effective delivery system out there, because it is made of the same material than the cell membrane! Osmosis uses a medical-grade form of liposome that, when used to coat ingredients, naturally enhances penetration into the cell by up to 600% and protects the ingredients during delivery as well.

Results after 2 months of using Cleanse, Clear, Calm and Catalyst, drinking Digestive Health Harmonized Water and receiving Facial Infusion treatments. *picture provided by Osmosis*

Focused on Treating The Source

Osmosis follows the Holistic Skincare philosophy, which is the practice of healing that has to do with constantly keeping the skin at the highest level of total wellness. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, we look at “why” your skin might be that way. and guess what the common denominator is? Inflammation! Instead of using traumatic ingredients and procedures, we feed the skin and provide support so it can heal itself. This approach has totally changed how I see skincare. In fact, other than a few devices that are designed to increase penetration and do not cause inflammation, I use very little machinery during facials as it is absolutely not needed.

Always Looking For Ways to Improve

When I think that a product cannot possibly be better, Osmosis always surprises me with new research, new ingredients and new ways to do things. The latest example is their new and improved StemFactor serum, which just blew my mind. I have to say that I am similar in everything I offer, which is probably why I have stuck with them for so long. I have my client’s results at heart and it is very gratifying to know that I am always offering them the best that Holistic Skincare has to offer.

For more information on the Osmosis range and to receive a private and personalized Skin Assessment, book with me here. To better help you in your skincare journey and make sure that you get the results you are looking for, I will not sell you a full regime of Osmosis Skincare unless we have met through a Skin Assessment appointment.

Have a beautiful week and don’t forget to let your beauty blossom!


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