Healthy, beautiful nails start with the right foundation. Your natural nail and surrounding skin will always be cared for with nourishing botanicals, antioxidant vitamins, and proteins. You won’t believe how good your nails look with our selection of services, from a basic shape & gel polish to a full manicure and pedicure.

Premium products are used to soften and restore the skin, strengthen the nails and provide a to-die-for nail color for the most beautiful outcome. You can rest assured that you will have a safe, healthy and sanitary service, every time.


Total Nails Package (1h 40min.)     105

Includes a classic manicure, a classic pedicure and 1 gel polish upgrade (value of $120).

Classic Manicure or Pedicure (50 min.)     55

Includes the quintessential steps to soak, lock in moisture and smooth callused feet or cuticles while a regimen of relaxing massage and acupressure techniques complete the service. Includes a warm softening soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, regular polish application and intense callus treatment for the feet in pedicure OR intense cuticle treatment for the hands in manicure.

Express Gel Polish (40 min.)     45

Ideal if you do not have time for a full manicure/pedicure with gel polish. Includes quick nail shaping, quick cuticle care and gel polish application. Please note that if excessive nail and/or cuticle work is required, the service will automatically be upgraded to classic manicure/pedicure.


Substitute to Gel Polish (15 min.)     10


Add French/American Polish (15 min.)     10

Typical french polish design includes a rosy pink and bright, crisp white. American polish design includes a “beigy” pink paired with an off-white.


Add Keratin Nail Treatment (15 min.)     15

Penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity from within. Is used under any Gel Polish Coating and also used to keep your natural nails strong so that they grow long!


Add Exfoliation & Mask (20 min.)     30

 The ultimate treat that can be added on to any regular hand or feet service to transform them into an advanced treatment promoting relaxation, detoxification, energy, hydration and more.


Special Considerations 

If it is your first appointment, please take a couple minutes to read the following considerations. If you are a returning client, you may refer to these points at any time when need be.

Shoes: weather permitting, you may bring your own flip-flops to wear afterwards. However, the polish used dries very quickly and often times will be dry by the end of the treatment.

Nail/Skin Health: please communicate in advance of your appointment if you suspect you may have any disorder of the nail or any skin conditions affecting the feet, including verrucae, fungal nail infections or athlete’s foot. In some circumstances, you may be referred to a GP or Podiatrist.

Calluses: callus reduction is included in the service, but it is unhealthy and unsafe to remove a large build up of dry skin and calluses and you may require multiple appointments for a safe reduction.

Polish: if you wish to remove your old polish before your appointment you are welcome to do so but please note that it is not required as this step is included in the service. If you are wearing a gel polish application from another spa, please note that complete removal is not guaranteed as every brand is different and some technicians mix brands.

Please avoid any of the following, if applicable, 24 hours before appointment: any hair removal method (shaving, waxing, etc.), sun exposure, intense exfoliation. These could sensitize the skin and cause discomfort during the massage or any exfoliation/mask treatment.


Maintaining Your Results

-It is recommended to book pedicures 3-4 weeks apart to maintain your professional results.

-Moisturize your feet regularly with a moisturizer specifically designed for the specific needs of the feet.

-After bathing or a shower, dry feet properly especially between the toes.

-Avoid over buffing your calluses at it can create a re-bound effect and make your skin produce more. A light buffing a couple times a month or less is recommended.

-If you do need to trim your toe-nails, make sure you cut straight across – never too short or with any sharp corners.

-Nourish your cuticles daily with cuticle oil.

-If you ever notice any foot or nail condition, do not hesitate to seek medical advice.

-Once in a while, book a paraffin-alternative treatment (that does not contain mineral oil) with your pedicure to nourish your skin and cuticles. This type of treatment is especially ideal at the end of winter and summer.


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