Oncology-Friendly Services

What is Oncology Esthetics?

Oncology Esthetics is a service that offers safe, non-invasive and beneficial esthetic treatments that are modified and adjusted to suit the specific needs of cancer patients and survivors. Oncology Esthetics training is quite extensive with the goal to positively impact the lives of cancer patients and survivors with compassion and healing.

Cancer therapy can cause many side effects, both physically and emotionally.  Oncology Esthetics’ focus is to bring the individual’s skin and body back into balance as well as offering caring and knowledgeable support.

Oncology Esthetics is also well suited to anyone with health challenges or stress related issues.

Genevieve is a Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Esthetics Instructor Level 2 and Certified Oncology Esthetician. She uses the oncology-friendly brand Osmosis Skincare and Colour makeup products.


***Please note that at the time of appointment, I kindly require the presentation of a little note from your Oncology Dr. confirming that all requested treatments are suitable to your specific situation***


Oncology-Friendly Skin & Wellness Treatment

60 min.     99.00

90 min. 129.00

This treatment will offer safe and suitable customized care to your skin’s needs following a detailed consultation. The treatment will be based on medical history and skin condition. Skin care products will be carefully selected based on the skin’s sensitivities due to cancer therapy or any other health related challenges. This treatment includes several gentle skincare steps, massage of face, neck, scalp, back, hands, arms, and/or feet based on consultation. May include aromatherapy based on consultation.

Oncology-Friendly Hand & Foot Treatment 70 min.     89.00