Integrative Facial Treatments

All facial treatments offered at the salon follow an inside-out approach using effective yet non-traumatic and non-invasive treatments as an effective long-term solution for healthy, beautiful skin. The skin is gently treated at the source with the highest quality ingredients and technologies.

Come experience your skin’s very own healing power. All facials include mini Indian Head Massage and warm essential oil-infused towels. Let your senses melt with a luxurious citrus deep cleanse followed by a facial massage to loosen up impurities and kick-start circulation, preparing the skin for further treatment. It will then be followed by an enzyme + ultrasonic exfoliation using one of several customized blends available. Each treatment will then follow with their own specialty, such as LED, Microcurrent or Nano-Infusion. Customized mask(s) will be used with the multi-masking technique and a combination of specialized serums, eye serum and moisturizer will end each service.


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