Natural Permanent Hair Reduction

This treatment uses the latest in advanced scientific research to offer an effective and affordable method for a definitive reduction of unwanted body hair for people of all skin types, any hair colors or hair types.

It is an enhanced enzyme-based formula that provides efficacy rates exceeding other products of its kind on the market, including all previous generations of enzyme-based hair removal and costly laser treatments. This advanced technology is simple to use, and yields results that are anything but ordinary.


Three Simple Steps To Being Hair Free!

The two gels are applied to the skin by a professional esthetician following this simple procedure:

  1. Area is waxed/sugared/threaded to remove hair by the root
  2. Inhibitor gel is applied and massaged into the skin
  3. Activator gel is applied and massaged into the skin


Who Can Use This System?

Anyone can use this system, regardless of skin type/color or color of hair (assuming you have no contraindications to hair removal). The treatment is well tolerated, allergy tested, gentle and efficient, with no side effects.


Things To Remember After Each Session

After a session, follow the same skincare regimen you would after a regular waxing:

  • Avoid using perfumed creams, self-tanners, make-up or deodorant on the target area the day of a session
  • Do not remove any hair in-between sessions, including shaving
  • Consult your esthetician for additional guidance (additional documents are given to you at the time of the consultation)


What To Expect

Don’t give up, don’t give in, never surrender!

All good things take time and this system will work if proper product protocol is followed.

Successive and regular sessions are required over 12-24 months (depending on area) to completely get rid of all targeted hair. After each successive session the regrowth time for remaining hair will be longer, hairs will be finer and easier to remove. A noticeable decrease in hair growth will be visible after the fourth or fifth session.

To properly deal with all hair follicles you should book your appointments every 2-4 weeks for facial hair and 4-6 weeks for body hair.


Impressive Results

Depending on the area of the body, the treatment takes only a few minutes. It’s painless and leaves the skin smooth and supple between sessions.

Most clients will experience extended hair re-growth time on the targeted area. Removing hair becomes less painful and the number of hairs growing back is reduced with each session before disappearing altogether, giving you more freedom to focus on things you truly care about!


How It Works

Using proteolitic enzymes (naturally found in our digestive system to help our body digest proteins) in a proprietary formula accomplishes a biological process that breaks down the structure of hair producing cells.

The combination of the two synergistic proteolitic enzymes improve the efficacy of each for better results over other comparable products that only use one enzyme.

Removing hair by the root leaves the hair follicles open and empty. When the gels reach the hair-producing cells at the bottom of the empty follicles, the cells are broken down, effectively preventing further hair growth and ridding the body of unwanted hair.

For lasting hair reduction, it is necessary to break down these hair-producing cells – accessible only when hair is its growth phase.


 Consultation     30

Complimentary (and mandatory) with your first treatment


**Please note: the prices of the treatments are added to the price of the hair removal session**


Facial Areas

Upper Lip     5

Facial Areas: Sides of face / Sides of neck / Hairline     5 ea.

Eyebrows     10

Chin     10


 Body Areas

Buttocks     15

Lower Back/Lower Abdomen     15

Underarms     15

Regular Bikini                    15

Full Arms/Half Legs/Thighs                    30

Extended bikini     20

Brazilian bikini     25

Full Legs                    55

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been getting laser hair removal treatments, can I use this service? Yes! The system will work if you have not had success with laser treatments. You must discontinue laser treatments and continue with regular and successive sessions.


Is there any protocol I should follow prior to this service? Yes. It is recommended that you not shower or bathe 2 hours prior to a session. Also, no oils or talcs should be used in conjunction with the hair removal procedure as these may clog pores or change the pH of the skin.


How often should I get a treatment done? Regular and successive sessions are required every 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth cycles over a 12-24 month period. The hair must be ¼ inch in length to be properly removed by the root.

I’ve been through a couple sessions. Why don’t I see a difference? The system only works on hair that is visible and in the anagen or growth phase. Each hair growth cycle must be targeted separately and, depending on the specific area, 4-5 sessions may be required before a visible result.

I just started the system and am seeing more hair, not less? Often a temporary increase in hair growth occurs following the first session as the body is reacting to the hair removal process. Removing hair by the root can reset the anagen phase for hair producing cells. Dormant hair producing cells are activated and will allow for increased efficacy for subsequent sessions and even more visible results.

Is there anything I should do after a session? Yes. Do not shower, bathe or sweat heavily for 45 minutes after application. This also applies for 2 hours prior to appointment. As with any hair removal treatment, it is also advised to perform an exfoliation or dry brushing of the targeted area 4-5 days post-application to prevent ingrown hairs.

Are there restrictions to sun exposure after a treatment? After any waxing or sugaring, sun exposure should be avoided for 24 hours, giving the skin a chance to recuperate. And as always, be sure to wear sunscreen, avoid the sun at noon and don’t stay in the sun too long!

Is this treatment painful? No. Only the hair removal treatment can sometimes be uncomfortable and cause redness.