Waxing & Threading

The waxes used for waxing services are made of a natural resin designed to securely grab each hair without sticking to the skin, which results in less discomfort, less redness and absolutely no residue left behind, making the hair removal process more enjoyable. They are formulated without dyes, parabens or artificial fragrances and also have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Please note that all hair removal services include the application of a post-hair removal mask & treatment. I also offer Organic Cold Sugaring, please visit the page dedicated to this wonderful service for more information.

Soft Wax

Soft wax, also called strip wax, is the most common method of hair removal. A warm wax is applied very thinly across the skin following the hair growth, and covered with a strip. The strip is then pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth, and the hair comes with it. It works well with any type of hair, but is not the best choice for dry or very sensitive skin. Soft wax is the most practical method for covering large areas in a time-sensitive manner.

Hard Wax

Hard wax, or “stripless” wax used to be called “hot” wax but modern products are applied on the skin warm, not hot. The wax can be used on very short hair as it shrinks wrap the hair when cooling down. It is applied against the hair growth, allowed to cool and harden (hence the term “hard wax”), and removed with the hair growth, reducing the risk of ingrown hair. Hair removal process can be performed more than once on the same area, making it very practical in areas where hair grows in a lot of different directions. Hard wax is usually used on smaller sensitive areas but can very well be used on any larger areas of the body if the skin is particularly sensitive.

Threading (facial area only)

Threading is a very precise ancient method of temporary hair removal that originated in Central Asia and India over 6000 years ago. The technique uses a thin thread that is twisted in a triangular shape and is rolled over the area to remove thin lines of hair, pulling them by the root. It has no contraindications, unlike waxing (I brought threading in the salon especially for that reason, as waxing is contraindicated before and after facial peels or exfoliation). Due to it’s preciseness, threading is mostly practiced on areas of the face and not generally performed on the body.


Waxing Prices

Eyebrow Shaping     30

*****NEW CLIENT***** OR more than 4 weeks since last appointment

Eyebrow Maintenance     20

3-4 weeks since last appointment

Upper lip / Hairline / Sides of neck / Sides of face     15

Chin     18

Lower Abdomen / Lower Back     25

Buttocks 35

Arms     45

Half Legs / Thighs     50

Full Legs     75

Threading Prices

Eyebrows     20

Upper lip / Hairline / Sides of neck / Sides of face     12

Chin     15

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